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The most professional photo editing program for iOS


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Adobe Photoshop Touch for phone is a photo editing tool that will kick start your creativity from an interface specially designed for touchscreens.

Unlike Adobe Photoshop Express, another photo editing tool from Adobe for iOS, with the Touch program you'll have practically all the tools from the full desktop program at your fingertips.

In other words, on your device you'll find classic tools to adjust image tone, brilliance, and saturation, as well as dozens of different filters, brushes, and of course text editing.

As usual, all of these elements are controlled from an easy-to-use layer system that allows you to make and undo changes on your image simply and quickly.

Perhaps the best part of the app is that you can start a project on your phone and then finish it on your desktop computer with no complications. The only thing you need is Photoshop version CS5.1 or later, and an Internet connection.

Adobe Photoshop Touch for phone is a comprehensive photo editing tool that will delight photography fans. Thanks to this app, you can retouch your favorite photos like a professional, before sharing them.
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